About Our Parks

St. Ann features six parks that total 92 acres, each with their own set of amenities and entertainment such as the following:

  • Ball diamonds
  • Barbeque grills
  • Comfort stations
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Mini-shelters
  • Pavilions
  • Playgrounds
  • Roller hockey
  • Soccer fields
  • Swimming pool / water slides
  • Tennis courts
  • Volleyball courts
Please note that available individual park amenities are listed below.

UNTIL JUNE 14TH: Residents wishing to rent a pavilion this season can begin calling to make reservations. Residents may call for any 2021 season date, Non-residents may only reserve dates 30 days before their date if still available. 

In order to be as fair as possible, calls will be taken in the order received. Someone will take name, phone number and time that you called so that we may call everyone back in order.

  • Call 314-429-4545, renters will also need to arrange a curbside appointment. Renter must be present to rent pavilion and at event.

    • Appointment times will be available Mon-Fri 8am-3pm only, curbside at community center. #1 Community Center Drive, St. Ann, MO 63074. Plan appointment to last for 15- 20 minutes. Some information may be taken by phone beforehand to expedite your visit.

    • Saturday appointments will be taken 8am-noon only and would require pavilion renter to come to St. Ann International Golf Course Clubhouse for service and payment. Clubhouse is open to the public. (No curbside service available)

  • Pavilions remain $50 for residents and $100 for non-residents. There is also a mandatory $100 Security Deposit required for all pavilion rentals this year.

    • The community center is still closed to the public. The parks staff will work with you by utilizing last year’s membership card or a driver’s license and your gas or electric bill as proof of residency for this year or a recent occupancy permit. A video call may be necessary in some cases.

    • Security deposits will be forfeited for failure to comply with county regulations and for damages. 

    • Security deposits are refundable. (Checks require a drivers license or state ID and will be voided then mailed back the week after event. All cash and credit or debit card payments are processed and therefore must be issued as a refund check through city hall back to the renter. This process could take up to 4-6 weeks after event. )

  • ◦Any current St. Louis County Health regulations will need to be followed. Mask requirements, social distancing, capacity restrictions etc.

  • Permits will be written for capacity limits at time of rental. Please check St. Louis County website for updated regulations and guidelines closer to your event date as restrictions can change weekly. (Park Rangers and Police department will be up to date on gathering limits as well.)

In the event of another shutdown: A full refund would be mailed back to the renter or possibly a new date could be arranged pending availability later in the season.

AS OF JUNE 14TH CURBSIDE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE DISCONTINUED. Persons wishing to rent a pavilion will need to do so in person at the community center during center hours with the front desk. Monday-Friday 6:30am-8:45pm / Saturdays 9am-8:45pm and Sundays from noon - 6pm. 



Residents with valid Resident Privilege Card or Resident Membership Card may reserve a pavilion for the next year during the months of May through October beginning the first Saturday of November.



  • Non-residents can reserve a pavilion 1 month prior to the date requested.

  • Resident rate is $50 with your St. Ann Privilege proof of residency.

  • Non-Resident rate is $100 and payment by cash, check and credit card.

  • In addition, $100 security deposit is required when renting any pavilion.  Deposit will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of permit site and pick-up on deposit can be arranged through a city representative. Please note all processed transactions are refunded by check through city hall. This process can take 4-6 weeks. 

  • Reservations typically are made in person however until June 14th, 2021 call for reservation and an appointment to schedule payment & signature. After the 14th you will be required to come in person to rent and sign for your pavilion during front desk hours at the community center. M-F 6:30am-8:45pm, Sat 9am-8:45pm and Sun noon-6pm.

  • Reservation time is 10am-dark in all parks.

  • Pavilion fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The option to change to another date within the same year is offered with a $25 processing fee in conjunction with date availability. Request to change date must be made 7 days prior to the scheduled date.

  • Music/DJ’S are allowed at single pavilions or if you rent all 3 of the tri-pavilions at Tiemeyer. Noise level must be kept at a considerate level of all park visitors. You will be warned once to turn it down before being asked to leave.

  • You are not permitted to drive on the grass at any time.

  • Inflatables are allowed, however, a liability waiver from the company being used must be sent to the Parks Director at least 2 weeks prior to the event. . Renter is responsible for obtaining proper permits through St. Louis County regarding inflatable if they are allowed in 2021. Inspections are required by the St. Louis County Department of Public Works for inflatables and bounce houses. Please call 314-615-7806 for the inspection fees and to schedule your inspection.

  • Alcohol is allowed however, NO GLASS BOTTLES are allowed in any of our parks.

  • Fishing is allowed in Tiemeyer Park's Gendron Lake, however you are subject to Missouri Fishing regulations. The Conservation Department stocks our lake and we ask that you not release any animals or chemicals in the lake. 


To guarantee a pavilion during May-October permits are required. Your permit will be mailed to your home. You must have your Park Permit with you the day of your event. If someone has mistakenly taken your pavilion you will need this permit to show you are the renter for the day. (On weekends if there is a problem, please call the non-emergency number for the police dispatch, who will get a message to a park ranger or send an officer to have that party leave 314-427-8000.)


 Should you need further information, including ball field information, call the Parks Department at 314-429-4545 Monday - Friday 8am-4pm.


* Tiemeyer Park 1-2-3 playground is now FINISHED AND OPEN and subject to St. Louis County Covid Regulations.


Ducks and Geese

Please, Break the Bread Habit!

It may be a beautiful day, and you might like to gather up the family and a loaf of bread and head to Tiemeyer Park to feed the ducks and geese but please do not do it. You will violate city ordinance.We are attempting to protect them and when you feed the waterfowl human food, such as bread, not only is it bad for their health but it also contributes significantly to the pollution of the lake and surrounding grounds. The colorful mallards and geese you see have bodies that allow them to fly. They are physically designed to eat natural foods growing in their environment to stay healthy and light for flight. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Parks & Amenities

Schafer Park
Access a map
Wright Ave.
  • Acres: Seven
  • Ball diamonds: Two
  • Barbeque grills: Two
  • Comfort stations: One
  • Horseshoe pits: One
  • Mini shelters: Two
  • Pavilions: One
  • Playgrounds: One
  • Tennis courts: One
  • Walking trails: One
Mary Ridge Park
Access a map
Westridge Drive
  • Acres: Three
  • Ball diamonds: One
  • Barbeque grills: One
  • Comfort stations: One
  • Horseshoe pits: One
  • Pavilions: One
  • Playground: One
St. Ann Park
Access a map
4445 N. Ashby Road
  • Acres: 33
  • Ball diamonds: One
  • Barbeque grills: 7
  • Basketball courts: Half court
  • Comfort stations: Two
  • Horseshoe pits: Two
  • Mini shelters: Two
  • Pavilions: Two
  • Playgrounds: One
  • Walking trails: One
  • Roller hockey rink: One
Buder Park
3195 Breckenridge Road
  • Acres: One
  • Barbeque grills: One
  • Pavilions: One
Tiemeyer Park
Access a map
3311 Ashby Road
  • Acres: 41
  • Amphitheater: One
  • Ball Diamonds: Two
  • Barbeque Grills: Six
  • Comfort Stations: Four
  • Horseshoe Pits: Four
  • Lakes: One 
  • Mini Shelters: Two
  • Pavilions: Four
  • Playgrounds: Two
  • Roller Hockey Rink: One 
  • Shower Rooms: Four
  • Swimming Pools: Two
  • Tennis Courts: Two
  • Volleyball Courts: Two
  • Walking Trails: One

Livingston / Wright Park
Livingston and Wright Ave.
  • Acres: 1/2
  • Playgrounds: One
  • Mini shelter: One
  • Barbeque grills: One
  • Hourseshoe pit: One
Vatterott Fields
Access a Map
4101 North Ashby Road
  • Acres: 6 1/2
  • Ball diamonds: Two
  • Comfort stations: One
  • Pavilions: One
  • Soccer fields: One
For information regarding Vatterott Fields call the community center at 314-429-4545.

As always if you see anything suspicious please notify the proper authorities.