Facilities & Park Pavilions: General information and pricing listed below.    


To guarantee a pavilion during May-October permits are required.

 Your permit will be mailed to your home. You must have your Park Permit with you the day of your event. If someone has mistakenly taken your pavilion you will need this permit to show you are the renter for the day. (On weekends if there is a problem, please call the non-emergency number for the police dispatch, who will get a message to a park ranger or send an officer to have that party leave 314-427-8000.)

Obtaining a pavilion:

  • Reservations are made in person at the community centers front desk.
  • Residents with valid Resident Membership Card may reserve a pavilion for the next year during the months of May through October BEGINNING the first Saturday of every November.
    • Non-residents can reserve a pavilion ONLY 1 month prior to the date requested. 
  • Residents may also reserve at any time in the same year: rate is $50 with your St. Ann Resident Card. Payment and deposit is due at purchase.
  • Non-Resident rate is $100 and payment plus deposit is due at reservation by cash, check and credit card.
  • In addition to usage fee, a $100 security deposit is required when renting any Pavilion. Multiple pavilions may be added with another deposit & fee.
    • Deposit can be shredded or voided and mailed if arranged through a city representative. Cash & Credit Card deposits/transactions are refunded as a check through city hall. Please note this process could take 4-8 weeks. 
  • Reservation time is 10am-dark in all parks.  
  • Pavilion fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits are refundable as long as there is no damage to grounds. pavilion and your rental was left clean. A list of rules are given to renter along with the rental reservation permit.
  • The option to change to another date within the same year is offered with a $25 processing fee in conjunction with date availability. Request to change date must be made 7 days prior to the scheduled date.
  • Music/DJ’S are allowed at single pavilions or if you rent all 3 of the tri-pavilions at Tiemeyer. Noise level must be kept at a considerate level of all park visitors. You will be warned once to turn it down before being asked to leave.
  • You are not permitted to drive or park on the grass at any time. Motorized vehicles are only allowed in parking lot areas. At NO TIME are motorized vehicles allowed to drive or park on grounds. Illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed or towed away.
  •  Dry inflatables are allowed, however, a liability waiver from the company being used must be sent to the Parks Director at least 2 weeks prior to the event.(Water inflatables are not an option as there is no water hookup for the public.) 
  • Renter is responsible for obtaining proper permits through St. Louis County regarding inflatable. Inspections are required by the St. Louis County for all  inflatables/bounce houses. Please call 314-615-7806 for the inspection fees and to schedule your inspection.
  • Alcohol is allowed however, glass bottles are not allowed in any of our parks.
  • Fishing is allowed in Tiemeyer Park's Gendron Lake. You are subject to all Missouri Fishing regulations. https://mdc.mo.gov/ 
  • Please do not release any animals into the lake. 
  • Please do not feed the geese. Help us keep them light for flight! 

St. Ann Community Center
#1 Community Center Drive
St. Ann, MO 63074

Center Hours: 

Mon-Fri .......6:30am-9pm


Sundays .............Noon-6pm

Monday-Saturday we close to the general public at 9:00pm

(Center hours: ie...Fitness areas, racquetball courts, gymnasium area, and locker rooms) 

 Senior Walking
 Monday-Friday 6:30-8:30am only
 17 maps = 1 mile in gymnasium

Rental Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 
With the exception of the First full week of the month and the 3rd week of the month. Those weeks rental contracts can be done from 8am-6pm. 
Fridays are by appointment only. 




New Year’s Day 


Memorial Day 

July 4th

Labor Day 
Christmas Day

Please, Break the Bread Habit!
It may be a beautiful day, and you might like to gather up the family and a loaf of bread and head to Tiemeyer Park to feed the ducks and geese but please do not do it. You will violate city ordinance. We are attempting to protect them and when you feed the waterfowl human food, such as bread, not only is it bad for their health but it also contributes significantly to the pollution of the lake and surrounding grounds. The colorful mallards and geese you see have bodies that allow them to fly. They are physically designed to eat natural foods growing in their environment to stay healthy and light for flight. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Should you need further information, including more ball field information, call the Parks Department at 314-429-4545 Monday - Friday 8am-4pm.

The Parks Department offers free field permits for youth practice.  

 April—June 31st for Baseball    /    August 1—October 31 for Soccer

 Times Available: 4-5:30pm, 5:30-7pm. 7pm-dark. 


Mary Ridge (outfield only for soccer)

St. Ann 1 (outfield only for soccer)

St. Ann 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Schafer 1 (outfield only for soccer)

Schafer 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 3 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 1: SOCCER ONLY

Mary Ridge (outfield only for soccer)

St. Ann 1 (outfield only for soccer)

St. Ann 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Schafer 1 (outfield only for soccer)

Schafer 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 2 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 3 (outfield only for soccer)

Tiemeyer 1: SOCCER ONLY

  • Field applications are  available at the community center or online beginning March 1st for Baseball and July 1st for Soccer. Parks and Ballfield Informational Brochure  
  •  Fields are awarded by resident priority. Permit holder is solely responsible for maintaining order, keeping the peace & maintaining a reasonable noise level. 
  •  Group is subject to all park rules.
  •  The City assumes no liability for loss, damage, injury, or illness incurred by the users of the facility. 
  •  Field closures may occur based on participant safety and field moisture. 
  •  Heavy rains or prolonged moisture may close fields as they become slippery and unsafe for participants and may damage turf. It is the permit holders’ responsibility to obtain rainout information by calling the Parks & Recreation Director at (314) 429-4545, Mon.-Fri.  8-3pm.


Racquetball and Handball fees per hour:         
    Residents $10   

   Non-Residents $15

Wallyball fees per hour:                                   

   Residents $15     

 Non-Residents $22

(Resident must present valid privilege card to obtain resident rate, Non-residents must present membership card for resident rate discount.)

  • Members may call for reservations 2 days prior to court time. 
  • Non residents may call 1 day prior to court time, unless they hold a non-resident membership, then they may make reservations 2 days prior to court time.
  • Eye protection is required while playing racquetball.
  • No black soled shoes allowed on courts. Only non-marking court shoes allowed on courts. Inappropriate shoes will result in end of play with no refund. 

Locker rooms are available for participants.

Court Reservations can be made by the hour 
Monday - Friday 7:00am-8:00pm. 
 Saturdays from 9am-8:00pm and 
 Sundays from Noon-5pm.  


GAME ROOM: This ground floor room contains a pool table, air hockey table, foosball table & a ping pong table available at no charge to St. Ann residents/members with a valid privilege/membership card. 

 GYMNASIUM: Persons wishing to use the gymnasium may do so by presenting a St. Ann Resident Membership Card.  One guest is allowed per resident. See Guest Policy for details. Non-Resident and Corporate memberships also allow for open gymnasium time for card holder only. 

The gymnasium is available for open play:  Basketball on some Mondays & Tuesdays, most Wednesdays &  Thursdays and on Sundays a call in advance is suggested for schedule.
 Pickle Ball: Mondays 9am-3pm & Tuesdays 2-8pm 
 $4 Resident Fee and $5 Non-Resident Fee
 Silver Sneaker members may now use their Silver Sneakers card to play.
Bring your own equipment. Outdoor use of pickle ball court at Tiemeyer is free.(located in the tennis court area)

 GUEST POLICY: Only a resident may bring in a guest and only one guest per resident is admitted. Child 3-15yrs old is $4 and Adults 16 and up is $5.

EQUIPMENT CHECK-OUT: Members may exchange their card to check out basketballs, wallyballs, billiards, foosball and ping pong equipment at the front desk.

LOCKER ROOMS: Men's and women's locker rooms are available complete with showers. (Any locks left overnight on lockers will be removed.) Towels and toiletries not provided...please bring your own. 

SAUNA: A dry sauna is available at no charge for residents.

  •  Workout clothing required.
  • Proper shoes or Flipflops required.
  • Those who wish to use the sauna should bring their own hand towel.


Weight room is equipped with 15 individual strength machines, and free weights.
Cardio room has 3 ellipticals, 6 treadmills, 3 stationary aerobic cycles, 2 exercise balls, 2 jump ropes, small hand weights and a digital scale.

  •  Workout attire and athletic footwear required for your safety.
  •  Towels are not provided, please bring your own. 
  •  Residents 14 & 15 are required to have a weight waiver on file, complete an orientation before use of fitness areas, and must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older in rooms. Youth 16 and 17 years old must have a weight waiver signed by parent/legal guardian.
  •  NO ONE UNDER 14 ALLOWED IN THE WEIGHT and CARDIO ROOM (14-17 must meet requirements.)

Rooms are available to rent for receptions, meetings, showers, reunions and etc. for groups of up to 460 people. Due to the complexity and room rental rules and guidelines, rental reservations must be made in person. Contracts cannot be done over the phone. All rental contracts must be done in person with security deposit required at contract signing if more than 30 days before event. Within that 30 day window, security deposit and payment is due at contract signing. (Gymnasium requires a $400 security deposit and 1/2 down at contract signing.)

Call the community center at (314) 429-4545 for availability and more information.

Rooms are available to rent occasionally during the week however Friday, Saturday and Sunday are typically the rental days available.

  • Friday and Saturday Rentals are from noon-10pm. (See after hour fees for additional information)
  •  Sundays are from noon-6pm only, no additional hours available. (Renter can arrange for staff to allow in at 11am to decorate so that party may start at noon. No alcohol is allowed on the premises on Sundays per our Consumption only Missouri Liquor License requirements.) 
  • After hours fees, available only on Friday and Saturday, are accessed to the renter at the rate of $50 for small rooms and $100 for gymnasium per hour when function exceeds the centers normal rental hours. (additional $50 /$100  till 11p.m. and $100/$200 till 12.a.m.) 12 a.m. is the latest allowable time.
  • Each party must vacate the premises no later than the agreed upon time in the contract. This includes your guests, DJ, Caterers or bartender and return of courtesy cart. Most rentals allow approximately an hour to clean up, tear down and exit from an event. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.
RoomCapacityResident FeeNon-Resident FeeRefundable
 Security Deposit
 50 Maximum $200 $250 $100
Multi-Purpose100 Maximum$300$400$100
201 100 Maximum $300 $400 $100
202 100 Maximum $300 $400 $100
 Gymnasium 460 Maximum $1,000 $1,500 $400

Room 102 

This room is located at the entrance at the front of the building. It measures approximately 20’ x 25’ and will hold up to 50 guests at rectangular tables. The room will be comfortable for meetings and small events. A small kitchenette and counter is inside room. Restrooms available in front lobby.




This first floor room measures 35’ x 45’ with a mirror located across one wall from ceiling to floor & rubberized wooden flooring. It is easily accessible from the front of the building, it makes a nice environment for most social events. Room holds up to 100 people with  standard setup of long tables, has a small kitchenette with counter & comes with 2 buffet tables. Restrooms available in down the hall.


Room 201

Located on the 2nd floor, accessed by using the stairway or elevator, this room measures 66’ x 22’ and will hold up to 100 people with a standard rectangular table set up. This room offers a small kitchen area with a microwave, sink, full size fridge and additional counter space. Restrooms are available at the far end of  room.



Room 202

Located on the 2nd floor and at the front of the building. This spacious room has a small kitchenette and small counter. Buffet tables are added to provide for serving food. Access to room is by stairwell near lobby or elevator located at north-end of building. Room holds up to 100 people with a standard rectangular table set up. Restrooms located within room. 




Currently we accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards. Photo ID and phone number required for all checks.
 Money orders are accepted only as payment for room, they are not accepted for the deposit. 

 Resident Privilege card required for resident rate. 

  1. Policies & Guidelines for Facility Rental:
    Rentals must be made in person at community center during business hours: (Applicant/Renter must be 21 years old to reserve a room and is responsible for the rental fee and security deposit & any damages incurred for the room.) Renter must be present and must sign in on day event. In addition, applicant will need to sign out upon completion of cleanup and inspection of room. (City of St. Ann is not responsible for any items lost or left behind at the facility.) By signing contract you are agreeing to the set policies and guidelines for the facility. Deposits will be forfeited if renter/group/vendors do not abide by the signed contract.

     Any changes to contract: must be arranged by the renter contacting the rental representative during regular business hours at least five (5) days prior to the event. (After hours fees & food warmer fees are non-refundable five (5) days prior to event.)

  2.  All room rentals must be out no later than time agreed on contract. It is the responsibility of the renter to inform all parties involved (i.e. caterer, bartender, DJ, band members, decorators, guests etc.) of the departure time. Should any individuals from the party remain in the building past agreed contract time, applicant will be subject to forfeiture of full security deposit.

  3. Rental and After Hour Fees:  (Hours on contract include setup and cleanup time.)

    Rooms 201, 202, 102 and MP must be paid in full (1) month prior to event date.

    Auditorium requires 50% payment due at the time the contract is written.  Remaining balances must be paid in full (1) month prior to event date.

    After hour fees are available only for Friday and Saturday and will be assessed to the renter at the current rate per hour when the function exceeds normal business hours. (See rental hours for fees.) 

  4.  Security deposit is mandatory on all rooms at time contract is signed. (Auditorium $400, all other rooms $100). Renter must arrange with city representative regarding security deposit return, photo ID will be required. Please note all credit cards and any processed payments are returned as a check & mailed to renter. This process could take 4-8 wks.

  5.  Rental of the room does not allow the applicant or guests privileges in any other part of the building. Your guests and event/activities are to remain in the designated room as stated on the contract. 

  6.  Room will be set up according to your needs but will not exceed Fire Marshall’s set limitations. Table setup requests are due by the renter at least 1 week prior to the event or the standard set up (rectangular only) will be set up. Room set ups cannot be changed on the day of event.

  7.  Any newspaper articles or advertisement for any event held at the community center must be submitted for approval by the Director of Parks & Recreation. Phone number of the community center may NOT be used in advertisement.

  8.  The community center has a consumption liquor license only. Thus, the city is not allowed to sell or supply alcohol for any rental events. Alcoholic beverages are subject to the following state guidelines. 

    • No alcohol may be stored in building overnight and is NOT allowed in the building on Sundays.
    • At no time is it permissible for the renter to “sell” alcoholic beverages. 
    • Legal drinking age in Missouri is 21 years old. Any person who supplies intoxicating liquor or non-intoxicating beer to anyone under the age of 21 shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and held responsible to the authorities. 
    • All alcoholic beverages must remain in your rental room. Do not take into lobby, public restrooms, or parking lot.

  9.  Smoking is prohibited in the building; this includes vapor cigarettes, cold flame items and smoke (fog) machines. 

  10.  Gambling and/or sale of merchandise or exchange of money for goods or services is not allowed on city property.

  11. Inflatables are allowed in the gymnasium area only with liability waiver and are subject to approval by Director.

  12. Food and drinks are the responsibility of the renter. Cooking is not allowed onsite. Rooms include: hand sink, microwave, mini fridge and 2 buffet tables. Food truck usage in lieu of caterer would be subject to city business license regulations.

  13.  Day of Event: Applicant/renter is responsible for: table coverings, all decorating, music, bartenders, caterers, etc. Including sharing of the rules and regulations, signing for any deliveries for event, return of courtesy cart, signing in & out for event.

    • NO confetti, glitter, chalking or writing on walls or mirrors is allowed inside or outside of the center.
    • Table Decorations Only:  Do not use tape, putty, pins, nails, decals on walls or ceilings. Floor runners/red carpets are not allowed. Any damage to walls or floors will result in forfeiture of the security deposit plus any cost of damage not covered by deposit amount. Renter is responsible to share this information with any decorator/planners. 
    • It is the responsibility of the renter to bring any supplies needed (i.e. scissors, pens, blue painters tape, coffee pots, extension cords, mics/projector equipment etc.). The center’s staff are not to be contacted for use of these items. 
    • Cleanup: Renter is responsible for cleanup of room: clear off tables, wipe down counter and kitchenette areas, wipe up any spills, pick up any trash etc. Applicant must return any cart borrowed for their event before departure from building.  (Cleanup must be completed & room vacated by all guests, your vendors and yourself by time on contract. Late checkout can also result in loss of deposit.)
    • All guests are to enter and exit at front door. All other doors are for emergency exit only.

  14.  Additional Fees: Bags of ice are available for purchase at a cost of $3 per 8lb bag. Payment for ice is due at time of purchase. Use of Food Warmer Cabinet, if available at contract signing, requires an additional $20 rental fee.

Security deposit will be withheld until all fees are paid in full.