Mission Statement

Our Animal Control Department's mission is to maintain public health and safety in the city, enforce municipal ordinances, investigate cruelty, neglect, and nuisance animal complaints, offer resources on pet health and ownership, as well as educate our public. We are committed to the animals as well as our residents and strive to raise the standard of pet ownership in our community. You can help by spreading the word about the benefits of spaying and neutering and promoting the idea of adoption instead of purchasing a new pet.

  Missouri Department of Agriculture http://agriculture.mo.gov/animals/health/petfriendly.php


Animal Control Operations

Currently the St.Ann animal shelter intakes around 300 animals a year. These animals are picked up as strays, owner surrenders, and animals that have been confiscated due to neglect or abuse. If there is a pet that is being surrendered in our community, we will offer housing information or other pertinent resources that may help the family keep their furry friend.

The dogs taken into our shelter are housed in nice-sized individual runs with concrete walls separating the runs. This cuts down on the stress for the animal and helps maintain a healthy environment for animals in our care. We provide beds and/or blankets for all animals, the pets are fed twice a day, water is provided at all times, and the dogs are allowed exercise / playtime outdoors. Cats are housed individually in condos and are provided the same amenities as far as bedding, food, water, and love are concerned. 


Recently, the city has approved an adoption program and volunteer group. This organization is St. Animal Pet Adoptions and is committed to caring for and finding homes for the pets in our shelter. If you are interested in seeing the pets we offer for adoption, you may view them on Petfinder, Adopt A Pet, or S.A.P.A. online. If you would like to assist with the animals at the shelter, please fill out an application at S.A.P.A. 

S.A.P.A. - 314-792-5805


Community Services

Animal Control offers a number of services to the community. Please utilize our resources for more information on financial options for spaying and neutering, frequently asked questions, and lost and found pet information. If you have any questions or need further assistance on these topics or others that are not addressed, please contact Animal Control Officer Sage Uebinger. 


Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!