Virtual Court Instructions

Welcome to the Consolidated Municipal Court Divisions (CMC)

St. Ann, Vinita Park, Northwoods, Charlack, Wellston, Beverly Hills, Hanley Hills, Edmundson and Overland


  1. You have the right to retain counsel, the right to request the appointment of counsel if indigent, and there is a possibility of a jail sentence; the right to remain silent and know that anything that is said may be used against you. For more information on your rights in court, visit or
  2. If you are an Attorney, please send a “Chat” with your client’s name.
  3. IMPORTANT – unless you mute your connection or turn off your video, YOU WILL BE HEARD AND SEEN BY THE OTHER PARTICIPANTS AT ALL TIMES. Do not unmute yourself or turn on your video until your name is called.
  4. Be mindful of your surroundings and background and ensure that you want others to see them. Dress appropriately as though you were attending an in-person hearing in the courtroom. When you see yourself during the conference, make sure your computer is situated so you can be seen clearly and completely.
  5. Have all your documents ready to show the Judge.
  6. Ensure you can see the “Chat” area on your screen and ONLY type in your correct mailing address and email to the Court Clerk.  
  7. During this virtual session, you may be placed in the “Lobby” DO NOT HANG UP.
  8. If you do not have the funds to pay, please ask the Judge about alternative options.
  9. Any issues, contact the court at 314-428-6811 Ext 5.