How Do I...?

  1. Browse Events Calendar

    Keep up to date on future noteworthy events.

  2. Read Municipal Code

    Learn of St. Ann's municipal codes.

  3. View Job Openings

    Look for a job online.

  4. View Meeting Agendas

    Peruse through the meeting agendas..

  5. View Meeting Minutes

    View meeting minutes for St. Ann.

  6. Pay Court Fines Online

  7. View Items That Can Be Recycled

    View items that can be accepted for recycling.

  8. Get Information on Home Improvement Program

    Read about the Home Improvement Program.

  9. Americans With Disabilites Act (ADA)

    Seek help with interpreting the Americans With Disabilities Act.

  10. View Elderly and Special Needs Services

    Look at elderly and special needs services.

  11. Obtain HUD information

    Explore the information listed on the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  12. View Sewer Lateral Information

    Obtain information on sewer lateral lines.

  13. Get Information on the Community ActionAgency

    Find out about the Community Action Agency.

  14. Get Information on the Weatherization Program

    Obtain information on St. Louis County's Weatherization Program

  15. Project Clear Program MSD

    Seek knowledge about the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District's water improvement initiative.

  16. St. Louis County Micro-Loan Program

    Gain insight to the St. Louis micro-loan program.

  17. Get Information on First Home Home Loan Program

    Learn vital information on getting a loan for your first home.

  18. Get Information on Start Up Investments

    Find helpful tips on start up companies.

  19. Get Information on the Startup Challenge

    Take part in the St. Louis Startup Challenge.

  20. County Older Resident Programs

    Peruse through information on elderly programs.

  21. Get Information on St Louis County Saves Program

    Utilize this page for sustainable and verifiable energy savings.

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