Consistent with Supreme Court Rule 37 and statutory municipal court procedures, and taking into consideration the issues accompanying the consolidation of municipal courts, the following procedures shall be followed in all cases:

Case information is available through at:



General Court Procedures and Orders

  1. While each of the consolidated courts maintains its own jurisdiction, all correspondence SHALL be E-FILED. Any correspondence mailed directly to the individual Cities will not be received by the Court nor entered in the defendant's file.

Entries, Motions, and filings must BE FILED SEPARATELY, must be filed on EACH case and include the following. 

  1. Attorney's Name and Missouri Bar number,
  2. the correct City's name, (the State of Missouri is not a correct Plaintiff)
  3. the defendant's full name,
  4. citation/case number(s),
  5. court date,
  6. charge(s),
    1. email address for counsel.
    2. Recommendations: If you need a recommendation, do not request a recommendation through the court, contact the Prosecuting Attorney's Office separately.  CLICK HERE for Information
    3. Continuances: It is the counsel's responsibility to check for the status of a client's case.  Motions for Continuance shall be filed separately and state a concise reason for the continuance.  Requests for continuance shall be filed motion 72 hours before the court date using E-FILING., unless there is an emergency, the motion shall clearly state the nature of the emergency.  Generally, a request for continuance upon entry of appearance will be granted for 60 days in order to communicate with the prosecuting attorney's office.
    4. Request for warrant recall: If a case is in warrant status and no motion is filed to set such aside, any recommendation offered by the Prosecuting Attorney will not set the warrant aside automatically, since the Prosecuting Attorney does not have the authority to do so. However, acceptance of the recommendation and payment in full will automatically recall and cancel the warrant. Any Motion to Recall a Warrant which is filed will be set for hearing and the attorney and client will be required to appear in order to have the warrant set aside. The defendant may proceed at any time with the terms and conditions set forth in the warrant.
    5. Request for release of Driver’s License Holds: Generally, holds will remain in effect until the case is concluded by disposition and payment in full. Requests for release of hold based upon a Prosecutor's recommendation contingent on reinstatement must be filed by a separate Motion with the defendants’ drivers record attached as a confidential document, citing the specific city and case number to which the hold is related. 
    6. Plea agreements: Plea agreements must be e-filed and signed by both the attorney and the defendant and be accompanied by full payment. In the event full payment is not made at the filing of the agreement a separate Motion requesting a payment plan must be filed or the agreement will be returned for resubmission. Plea agreements will not be accepted if a fingerprinting has been ordered and not been completed. 
    7. Requests for Discovery, Proof of Compliance: All these requests are to be filed directly with the Prosecutor's Office.  The Court will take no action with regard to these requests and will NOT forward the same to the Prosecuting Office.
    8. Fingerprinting: Fingerprinting is ordered for certain offenses as dictated by Missouri Charge Codes. A check of the minutes of the case will indicate if fingerprinting is required.  Fingerprint orders may be printed and the defendant can complete the same in advance of accepting a plea agreement.



Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 37.61all requests for trial by jury shall be made by written motion signed by the defendant and shall be filed with the municipal division at least ten    calendar days before the scheduled trial date in accordance with Missouri Supreme Court RuleUpon receipt of such a motion, the municipal division shall promptly set the motion for a hearing.  It shall be the responsibility of the pro se defendant or counsel for the defendant to appear and provide all paperwork to the Court, including fingerprint cards, where required by statute upon filing their request for certification of a case.



  1. Any information regarding the case(s) can be accessed on  Do not call the Court Clerks since they have been instructed to direct you to
  2. All filings shall be submitted in the form of a motion, not a letter, and shall contain a valid return email address for a ruling on the motion (if in-person);
  3. All motions shall be signed and dated by the attorney of record and shall contain a Missouri Bar number.
  4. Do not call the Court regarding the motion(s); once the Judge has decided, a response will be available on CASE.NET.
  5. When a new attorney enters a case with an existing attorney, the new attorney will be added as co-counsel and must retrieve prior records from or contact the Prosecuting attorney's office


So ordered,

Judge William G. Buchholz, II

February 1, 2024