Snow & Ice Removal

Street Parking

Whenever there has been an accumulation of two inches of snow, ice, freezing rain, or a combination thereof with the city, there shall be no parking on any part of the street with the city, unless such street has been cleared of snow ice or freezing rain. Vehicles found parked in violation hereof may be towed in accordance with provisions of Section 375.050 of the Municipal Code. 

Snow Clearing Interference

No person shall interfere with snow removal equipment while same is in operation. Any person violating the provisions here of shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, thereof, be subject to penalties, provided that the fine for the first such offense shall be $15 and the fine for each offense thereafter shall be $25.


Upon application to and approval by the St. Ann Director of Public Services, a snow removal exemption certificate may issued if the director is satisfied that on-site parking is not available because of the lack of a driveway or the insufficient amount of driveway space. Obtain a copy of the snow parking permit application online or at city hall. For more information, contact City Hall.