Municipal Court

Memorandum to Counsel: St Ann Municipal Court Procedures
September 19, 2011

Entry of appearance and requests for recommendations are only done through the mail or in person. Faxes are not accepted.

You must appear or mail entry of appearance to:
St. Ann Municipal Courts
10405 St. Charles Rock Road
St. Ann, MO 63074

Written requests for recommendations must include:
  • Self addressed, stamped envelope
  • Defendant’s name, summons number(s),court date, and charge(s)
  • Original proof of insurance, proof of driver’s license reinstatement, or registration of vehicle must be provided at time entry or during the payment of the recommendation
  • Proof of insurance coverage and/or restitution for any accident
    • In the event an entry is received without the required documentation, it will be noted on the file but no recommendation will be issued and counsel must appear on the schedule court date to receive a recommendation.
    • Counsel will receive a written recommendation from the prosecutor by mail. If recommendation is not paid by the date and time given, it is automatically scheduled for trial on that same day at 6:30 p.m. and defendant and counsel must appear or a “failure to appear” charge will be filed and a warrant will be issued.
    • It is counsel’s responsibility to notify the defendant of this order.
    • All payments are due in full by noon on the day of court.
  • Requests for discovery and /or police report - Copies of police reports or other documents may be picked up in person or will be made available upon written request to the court clerk. The request must include at 9X14 self-addressed, properly stamped envelope. Such requests may be included with the entry of appearance.
  • Appearances - The recommendation will note if an appearance is required, otherwise recommendations may be accepted by the attorney and client signing the green recommendation form and returning with payment in full by the date and time given.
Warrant Recalls or Motion to Set Aside Guilty Plea
  • All motions must be made in writing and filed in person or by mail and must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Warrants are not automatically recalled. Counsel will be notified by mail within 1 - 2 weeks of the judge’s decision. If your client is in custody, please contact the court for further instruction.
  • Office Hours - The Court Clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. except Tuesday when it closes at noon.
  • Rescission of Recommendation - The recommendation has not been accepted until all fines and costs are paid. If the defendant fails to pay all fines and costs by the due date, the recommendation will be rescinded and the defendant will be charged with the original violation.
Please note that some recommendations are now payable online with credit card or debit cards. Incorrect or partial payments will be rejected with no continuance of court case given.